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Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks: 7 Steps for Going Up in Down Times 

Average presentation length: 60-90 minutes

Program Description:

Dr. Willie Jolley is the inspirational thought leader Ford Motor Company used to go from the brink of bankruptcy to billion dollar profits.

Tough times create new opportunities that either make you or break you! When you implement Dr. Willie Jolley’s 7 Steps for Turning Setbacks into Greenbacks, you will be ready to make those new opportunities work for you!

Dr. Willie Jolley helps you discover how to:

  • Create your own “PHD” – Persistence, Hunger and Determination
  • Break through negativity
  • Focus on your pursuit of success
  • Maintain calm in situations of panic
  • Find an "attitude of gratitude" to fortify your growth

Dr. Jolley draws on inspiring real-life success stories and business insights to show you how to:

  • Create a positive outlook
  • Become adaptable to every circumstance
  • Seize opportunities that will lead to greater success!



You obviously did your research and listened to our challenges. Real estate people, like many others in our country, have been suffering. You tailored your message to our professional needs. YOU DESERVE TO BE LABELED ONE OF AMERICA’S VERY BEST SPEAKERS! Thanks for making our Convention one of the very best. You delivered!
-Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.



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