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Would YOU like to know how to position yourself to make 
over $10,000 for a One Hour Speech?


WJ"You are interested in becoming a professional speaker. You have that “fire in the belly” to share your message. You believe your message can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

And you also have many unanswered questions! Unfortunately, as an “beginning speaker” you may not even know the right questions to ask!  

So, let me help you. Since I get many more requests for coaching than I could ever handle, I’ve developed a list of preliminary tasks that “beginning speakers” should accomplish."

  • Join a Toastmasters Club. It will give you the basics of crafting a speech and presenting in front of friendly audiences, who want you to succeed!
  • Purchase Dottie Walters’ book, Speak and Grow Rich, which provides detail on the process of the speaking business. 
  • Attend a monthly chapter meeting of the National Speakers’ Association. Visit www.nsaspeaker.org to find your local chapter.
  • Speak as often as you can…for free! That’s the only way to build your speaking craft…so that eventually you’ll get paid.


Beginner Level Speaker

There are folks charging thousands of dollars to teach “how to make thousands of dollars” for one hour of speaking. The problem is…most of these “teachers” have never done it themselves!

Dr. Willie Jolley currently commands $10,000 to $20,000 per speech and has done so consistently for many years. In 2006, Dr. Jolley was one of the presenters Ford Motor Company used to help transform their culture over a three year period. And 2009, Ford was the only one of the big three auto makers to avoid a government bail out. And they’ve had billion dollar quarters since!
Learn from a professional speaker who actually earns over $10,000 per speech!
Dr. Jolley’s client list includes fortune 500 companies like Nordstrom, WalMart, Verizon, Marriott, General Motors, Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola. He’s named “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World” by Toastmasters International and has been inducted into the Speakers’ Hall of Fame of the National Speakers’ Association.

Dr. Jolley will help you begin your successful speaking career with his Speaking Basics Program of just $97.

Does Dr. Jolley’s program work? Just ask Chris Gloss…


Chris GlossJust finished listening to your “How to Speak for Profit with Power Seminar” and I flat out loved it! Your information was 100% on target and business changing. You provided so many tips, tools and techniques to grow my speaking business. Thank you for being so transparent and sharing information most would never give other speakers. Making the decision to download your seminar was one of the best decisions I made. Thank you for making an impact in my life personally and professionally.”  

Chris Gloss “The Possibilitarian”
Inspirational Speaker, Author, Trainer, Radio & TV Personality


Dr. Willie Jolley is a proven success. He started speaking to youth over 25 years ago and strategically moved through the college market to corporations and associations. If you have the mindset to master this profession, Dr. Jolley will help you build the skill set!

Does it work? Just ask Delatorro McNeal II, CSP…

dmcneillI credit Willie Jolley with much of the mindset I have used that has generated the six-figure success that I am blessed to enjoy in the speaking industry…”

Delatorro McNeal II, CSP
Peak Performance Expert, Bestselling Author, Certified Speaking Professional


Speaking BasicsThe Speaking Basics Program

Purchase and download almost three hours of valuable content Right Now!

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Go from free speaking to consistently getting paid
  • Start your speaking business from scratch. Make money from your speaking abilities as soon as possible

  • Set higher fees and gain access into higher networking circles
  • Avoid the major pitfalls of the speaking industry         

Speak for Profit with Power Digital Program

This 3-part digital audio program includes a bonus Back Office Speaker Management Guide

This program is also available as a 3-CD version for an additional $99.  

CD Topics:

CD #1

  • So You Want To Be A Speaker?
  • How Do You Become A Speaker?
  • Cultivating and Clarifying a Message
  • Marketing and Motivating Buyers
  • Developing Content with Confidence

CD #2

  • Developing Content with Confidence
  • Power of the Head Heart Connection
  • Developing and Sharing Expertise
  • Facts Tell But Stories Sell
  • Marketing Marketing Marketing
  • Promotion Positioning and Pricing
  • Selling your Speeches and Products

CD #3

  • Publishing and Promoting Your Book
  • Getting Paid: How To Go From Free to Fee
  • Questions and Answers (Pt. 1)
  • Questions and Answers (Pt. 2)
  • Additional Offers and Added Value
  • Closing Remarks


Order The Speaking Basics Program Right NOW


Intermediate Speaker

Ready for more advanced, in-depth information? Get Dr. Jolley’s Speaking Success Package. 

It contains one (1) DVD, five (5) CDs and a book!
TIPS-1 loresSee how Dr. Jolley delivers a Memorable, Magical and Motivational keynote, delivered at the International Toastmasters’ convention!  

Listen the five CDs that cover: how to go from an unknown, unpaid speaker, to a paid professional speaker in a year, while supporting a family; how to tell your stories to connect the heart and head of your listeners; how to analyze your stage presence and learn what you should and should not do on stage; and how to operate a successful speaker’s office (presented by Dee Taylor-Jolley, COO of Willie Jolley Worldwide).

Plus the book, Speaking for a Living, by Norma Hollis (Speaker Bureau owner). This A-Z information book covers everything from “what is a speaker’s bureau, to what does an agreement form look like, to how do I work with the meeting planner and how do I get paid?

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Advanced Speaker

Dr. Jolley's One-On-One Coaching Program. Pricing Upon Request

If you are currently speaking full-time and want to take your career to the next professional level, i.e. changing markets and audiences or message focus, increasing your fees, organizing your office, using radio and television to build your brand, working with loved ones, etc. you need one-on-one coaching with Dr. Jolley!

Dr. Jolley does coaching on a limited basis. Coaching sessions are via phone once a month for 60-minutes and includes unlimited email access.

6-month or 12-month coaching options available. Please call our office at 202-723-8863 for more detail and pricing.