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Chuck Brown created the music genre, which is called "Go-Go Music." It is a phenomenon that is very popular on the East Coast and especially in the Washington DC area. Chuck Brown recently was nominated for a Grammy Award, and was featured with the National Symphony Orchestra over the Labor Day Holiday on the West Steps of the US Capitol. He performs around the country and around the world and typically performs four or five nights a week...and he is 75 years young!


Update: 5/16/12- Today we learned that my dear friend Chuck Brown, the founder of Go-Go Music, passed. I had the distinct opportunity to interview him a few months ago on my Sirius/XM Show, and it was one of the most incredible interviews I have ever done! He shared unique stories and insights into his success, and his ability to turn a setback into a stunning comeback! To my friend Chuck Brown: you will never be forgotten!!!! We will forever keep Bustin Loose!



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