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Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks…then Turn Your Comebacks Into Greenbacks!

Average presentation length: 60-90 minutes


Program Description:

Taken from his popular television special, “Turning Setbacks into Comebacks,” Dr. Willie Jolley explains how in turbulent, high anxiety and fear times, we can survive, and dare we think, even thrive!

Dr. Jolley is right on time with this message. He has interviewed people of all walks of life on how they came back from great adversity. He shares their successful techniques, ideas, principles, and strategies.

And furthermore, he explains how to apply those principles today to help you comeback, and then get more greenbacks.

While others may speak of turning setbacks into comebacks, Dr. Jolley wrote the international best-selling books, A Setback Is A Setup for a Comeback and Turn Your Setbacks Into Greenbacks.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop the mindset that winners use to overcome tough times
  • Implement step-by-step strategies to turn their setbacks into comebacks
  • Prepare an action plan to bulletproof their future success!

Dr. Willie Jolley's Rave Review: Kaiser Permanente



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