jair lynchBloodied Determination

By Dee Taylor-Jolley


Jair Lynch refused to let the pain and bloody callous in his left palm keep him from his 1996 Olympic gymnast destiny. Lynch was the first African American gymnast to captain an Olympic gymnastics team, and the only man on the seven-member team to medal.
Be A Slave to Your Vision
Since the age of 13, Jair knew he wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. Six hours a day, six days a week, 52 weeks of the year, for seven years, Jair trained! Plus, he traveled 30 miles a day to a competitive gymnastics program, for there was none in his home city of Washington, DC.  

Because he could visualize his goal, he was devoted to whatever regimens it took to make it happen! What does your vision require of you to do daily to bring your thoughts, ideas and plans to life? Are you disciplining yourself to do it?

Take the Pain
Using a straight-edged razor blade, Jair cut off the dangling skin of a ripped callous right before his performance. He reasoned this would stop the possibility of further damage.   

A trail of blood decorated the parallel bars after his warm up. He broke through his pain barrier with extreme determination and hunger for victory. His pain and passion were rewarded when he completed his world-renowned parallel bar routine and won a Silver Medal.

So, fight through constant rejection to reach your goals! Is it your book proposal? Job search? Mortgage refinancing? Graduate program acceptance?

Risk, Originality, Virtuosity
The impact of his Olympic past is evident in his current career, as a real estate developer - Jair Lynch Development Partners. His current vision is to revitalize neighbors in Washington, DC. So far, he has created 1.65 million square feet of schools, housing, commercial buildings and recreation centers in his hometown.

“When I was competing, the only way to get a 10.0 was through bonus points for risk, originality and virtuosity,” he says. “Those traits translate into the work I do.”   
Jair Lynch sets audacious goals, handles short-term and long-term issues and differentiates himself from the pack.  

Now, how about you?

The opening of the Olympic games is Friday evening. As we watch these athletes push themselves to achieve record setting feats, remember they have developed a discipline that can push them to massive success in the arena of business as well!  



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Dee Taylor-Jolley, President & Training Manager, Willie Jolley Worldwide
Dee Taylor-Jolley is the President of The Jolley Institute, the learning division of Willie Jolley Worldwide, which focuses on presentation skills, leadership development and customer service.

She holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum Design from The Catholic University of America.


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