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Happy New Year 2014Are You Ready For a Really Great Year?

By Dr. Willie Jolley

Many of us start out the New Year excited and ready to make it the best year yet. We tell family and friends we’re ready for better times and make many New Year's resolutions. The problem is, most people are only excited for the first two weeks of the New Year! By the third week, the resolutions are forgotten and we are back doing exactly what we did before! And why is that? We just talk about resolutions and we lack motivation! Full Article


Zig ZiglarMy "Christmas" Deal with Zig Ziglar

By Dr. Willie Jolley

Some years ago, I was speaking at a conference in Pittsburgh, PA and flying back home to DC that afternoon. It was the beginning of December and I arrived at the airport early so I could get out of the cold, relax and get some work done before my flight. Full Article 


AccountingGetting Our House In Order

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

It's 12:45am and I'm still at my desk, sorting through emails. Fiscal year end information from my CPA is in the stack to my left and our unfinished Christmas card list is to the right. Our Christmas tree has lights but no bulbs or garland. And we've gone to three holiday parties so far this week. Full Article


chicago-bullsHow To Make the Rest of The Year, the Best of The Year!

By Dr. Willie Jolley

We are now in the last quarter of the year and I want to see if you are on track to hit the goals you set at the beginning of the year. I encourage you to pull out those goals and review them. Have you achieved any of the goals you’ve set?

In the event you’ve hit them, BRAVO! Now you need to set new goals to hit by the end of the year that will stretch you, challenge you, and help you have the absolute best year possible! Full Article


WJ California Graduate School of Theology-Theology SchoolSuccess or Achievement?

By Dr. Willie Jolley

On May 19, 2013, I received my Doctorate Degree with an emphasis in Achievement. One of the first points I wanted to bring to the attention of my readers is that there is a difference between success and achievement.

People often use the two words (success and achievement) as synonyms, but they are quite different. Webster’s dictionary defines SUCCESS as "the attainment of wealth, position, status…” We talk about success in terms of things we see that look good and are positive. We speak about someone having a successful life, a successful marriage, a successful business and so forth. Full Article

DeeandWillieNot My Mother’s Husband!

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

Let me tell you a story that happened almost twenty-eight years ago. The aisles at Ikea were intimidating. Boxes stacked more than forty feet high were filled with furniture waiting to be assembled. The customers all looked like Willie and me - hunting for furnishings to turn our small space into a home.

We left with the prize – a four-foot grey laminated desk in a box, ready for assembly. Full Article

A New Theology of AchievementA New Theology of Achievement

By Willie Jolley

On Sunday, May 19th, 2013, I will conclude a Doctoral program at The California Graduate School of Theology. I'm honored to say I will receive my Doctoral Degree with an emphasis in The New Theology of Achievement.

It has been a challenging process of going back to school at this stage of my life, but it is something I have wanted to do for over thirty years, so I did it! Full Article

Dee Jolley Parents Lessons From Mama

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

Mama’s hair salon, which was attached to our house by way of the garage, morphed into an office for church administration (my father was a Methodist pastor); a product inventory, finance and personnel office (we owned Taylor’s Market); and the laundry mat and barbershop supply center (we owned those too). All under one roof with separate bookkeeping, personnel and management. All managed by one person, my mama, Lillie Mae Wilkins Taylor.

Little has been written about her. She passed away in 1994, long before Willie persuaded me to come work with him; but her impact lingers with me til this very moment. Full Article

Washington DC Cherry Blossom FestivalSuccess Tips To Grow Your Net Worth

By Willie Jolley

Wealth is what most people aspire to achieve. And I believe that it’s a worthy aspiration. Yet, when I speak of wealth, I don’t just mean financial wealth. Financial wealth is just one type of wealth people must focus on. Full Article


By Dee Taylor-Jolley

Tiptoeing into the rear of the conference room as the panel discussion was getting under way, made me take the first open inconspicuous seat I could find. I leaned forward to hear the introductions of panelists, taking note of their name cards. Full Article


Willie J and Bisi Onasanya

Big Success in Nigeria

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

On The Move!
Glory Obong, our personal assistant (PA), greets us in the hotel lobby, as we exist the elevator. We stand and wait as our chauffeured car circles the driveway of the Lagos Oriental Hotel on Victoria Island. We are ushered to our car for the hour ride to the University of Lagos. Full Article

planDevelop Your Hustle Plan

By Willie Jolley

In 2013, I believe there’s something more important than a business plan. It’s a hustle plan!

Take Outrageous Action
When I first started getting my speaking career going, I discovered that the National Association of College Activities Convention was selecting speakers for the upcoming year. I desperately wanted to get into the convention hall to network for speaking opportunities. I had no money to pay the registration fee, so I did the next best thing. Standing outside the convention hall, I gave out my homemade yellow flyers marketing my services. Full Article

no violenceChanging The Culture of Violence By Changing Attitudes

By Willie Jolley

I was pained, as I am sure you were, about the tragedy in Newtown, CT. Each time I read and heard more about the tragedy I wondered, what could I do to keep this from happening again. I realized that I could not change it by myself, but knew I had to take some action or would be complicit in regards to future incidents. I knew I couldn’t change the gun problem right now, but I can do something about the other issue that was a play in this tragedy…and that is the issue of negative attitudes, lack of character and moral compass. And most importantly is the issue of lack of self-worth and lack of personal vision as to where the potential perpetrators fit in the future. Because, if you don’t see where you will fit in the future, you will believe and behave as if you are misfit and your life is not of value.

I know this young man had some mental problems, but I believe that with the right inputs he could have been encouraged that his limitations did not have to limit his possibilities.

So after many as many years of having my Dare 2 Dream, Dare 2 Win DVD as one of the top selling youth motivational products in the consumer space, I want it now to be one of the most watched resources in the “life-changing space.” Full Article

Library Study RoomThe Most Important Room…For Your Success!

By Willie Jolley

I want to ask you a question, in terms of your success and achievement. What room do you think is your most important room?

The answer is, “Your Room for Improvement!”

In my latest book, An Attitude of Excellence, I interviewed many top-level companies and high-level achievers, and found that all have some consistent qualities: developing a mindset to constantly get better, to constantly grow themselves, and to constantly work on improving their performance, at both work and home! Full Article

jan 1st Summer Ends and Your New Year Begins

By Willie Jolley
One of my mentors in the speaking and training business was the late, great Ray Pelletier. Ray was known as the king of coaching college coaches on how to win, and win big in life and in football! He was author of the book, Permission to Win.  

One of his techniques for winning was to tell people that they should make everyday January 1st! Ray reasoned that you should make every day January 1st because there is something very powerful and magical about a new year! The New Year’s mindset brings with it a new energy and new enthusiasm to make things happen and to do something incredible! Full Article

finish lineWIN The Race and End it STRONG!

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

We rushed into his office. We are late due to unpredictable rush hour traffic on a Wednesday afternoon. "Pop" Yoho sat at his desk with a stack of papers he had prepared for us, pushed to the right front corner of his desk.

Face The Music

“So, let’s get started,” he said. “We are moving into the last quarter of the year. Where are you on meeting your yearly goals? Are you managing your cash flow effectively? Are you taking advantage of your monthly bank float? Are you paying off all your credit card bills monthly…never, never, ever paying interest fees?!!! Are you growing your social media footprint? It’s the kiss of death for your business if you’re not! Do you have 100,000 friends yet?” Full Article

WJ Article


Use Your Unfair Advantage

By Willie Jolley

A group of successful businessmen met this past Saturday morning to discuss life and business. I had heard about this breakfast confab, but my schedule never allowed me to attend in the past. Finally, I was able to attend and was astounded by the wise counsel and ideas that were flying around the table.

Most of the gentlemen were in their 70’s and 80’s and had built successful businesses and accumulated a great deal of personal wealth. Full Article

jair lynchBloodied Determination

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

Jair Lynch refused to let the pain and bloody callous in his left palm keep him from his 1996 Olympic gymnast destiny. Lynch was the first African American gymnast to captain an Olympic gymnastics team, and the only man on the seven-member team to medal. Full Article  

willie jolley head  112Thank God, Because His Timing Is Much Better Than Mine!

By Willie Jolley

Last week was an incredible week in my life. I spoke in Anaheim, CA for two major events. On Sunday for both services at the world famous Crystal Cathedral, and on Monday for over 7,000 members of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). What was most amazing is that I was not pursuing either event…at least not now! Full Article

magic johnson

The Magic of Earvin “Magic” Johnson

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

Some years ago after my husband, Willie Jolley, was on a program with Magic Johnson, he wrote an article about his budding business empire. He shared that Magic Johnson had made a decision to “WIN” at every level of life. He won a State Championship in high school; a National Collegiate Championship in college, and a World Championship in his first year with the Los Angeles Lakers. He had a winner’s mindset and that was a major reason for his continued success. Full Article

chuck brownBustin' Loose: Life Lessons from a Music Icon

By Willie Jolley

With all the political activity and big time events on Capitol Hill, the biggest event this week is the funeral service for Washington Music Icon Chuck Brown! (I’m honored to be one of the guest speakers.) His death was front-page material on The Washington Post and all local papers and the biggest news on all the local television and radio stations.

Some called him the president of the District of Columbia because of his impact on multiple generations of Washingtonians. His funeral is a two-day event with a full day viewing at the historic Howard Theater and a funeral service at the Washington DC Convention Center. Full Article

CupcakeLet Them Eat Cupcakes

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

Attending the "Powering Small Business" Breakfast conversations at the Washington Post last week was refreshing. The panel was moderated by a representative from the Small Business Administration. She summed up some rather depressing information. Wait! I know I just said it was a refreshing two-hour presentation! Just give me one more minute. Full Article

fb mzFace It Like Facebook

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

On a recent Friday morning, Mark Zuckerberg held an all-hands meeting at Facebook's brand-new headquarters. Employees who were traveling were encouraged to return to the Menlo Park, CA headquarters. Those at other satellite offices around the world were told to watch via live stream.

The 2,000 employees were excited as the gathered in the large white tent. Many thought Zuckerberg would discuss Facebook's upcoming IPO. He did not! Full Article

I Won Thlotterye Lottery!

By Willie Jolley
I am writing this note to all my friends to let you know that I won the Lottery! Yes, I won the lottery and I am super-excited about it!

While at the gym this morning, I shared with a gentleman, who I see every day, that I won the lottery. He got very excited. He said “Wow! Wow! Wow! You won the lottery? That is awesome!“ I said, “I agree! It is awesome!” Full Article

madonna vogue

Vogue Like Madonna

By Willie Jolley

There was a song I heard in a recent spinning class by Madonna called “Vogue.” I don’t know how to “Vogue,” but I do know that I learned something about success from Madonna. Full Article

Don’t Let It Happen…MAKE It Happen!

By Willie Jolley

On my desk is a sign that reads, "Winners make things happen and Losers let things happen!" Others may state it a little differently; they say, "Some people make things happen, other people watch what happened, and then the rest stand around and ask, what happened?" Full Article

Success Lessons Learned From Black History Makers

By Willie Jolley

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to grow your finances? Do you want to have greater success this year than you had last year? If the answer is “Yes” then here are some tremendous lessons we can learn from Black History. These are invaluable teachings on success from those who had extreme challenges and succeeded anyway! And if we use these lessons, we too can create history! Full Article

Are You Tracking Your Goals?

By Willie Jolley

It’s February and I hope you all have made the decision to stay on track with your goals. If you’ve ever heard my Sirius/XM Show, you know that I close each segment with the statement, “This is Willie Jolley and I want you to know, the best is yet to come!”  Full Article

Got Goals?

By Willie Jolley

Most people do not write down their goals because it takes work, hard work! They say they want greater success, but are not willing to do the work! As my friend Les Brown says, “Most people are seriously, not serious!” If you sent me your goals, then I applaud you. If you did not write your goals then I say what I said at the close of last week’s message…
If you are serious you will do this exercise! If you are not serious, you won’t! Remember, your success is up to you! What are you going to do? Full Article

Don’t Stop! It Is Not Over Yet!

By Willie Jolley

"Merry Christmas!" As soon as you hear those words something interesting happens in our brains...we think the year is over! When December arrives people typically change their focus from pursuing their business goals to pursuing their holiday plans. Full Article

What's Age Got To Do With It?

By Willie Jolley

What's age got to do with it? I have found that many people are not living life to the fullest because they let the general perception about age limit them. We have all heard the statement, "Act your age!" My question is, what does that mean? Oh, I know we all say it to children who are acting like babies, but far too often people will continue to hear it in their heads as they grow into adulthood. They think old and act old because in their heads they continue to hear the old recording, “Act your age! Act your age!” Well, how do you act your age? Do you act like everyone else? I say no! Full Article

Another Great Day!

By Willie Jolley

It’s Another Great Day! That’s right, it’s another Great Day! And you need to believe that it truly is another great day, no matter what you are going through! Why? Because whatever you are dealing with… it will pass! Full Article

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