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Use Your Unfair Advantage

By Willie Jolley

A group of successful businessmen met this past Saturday morning to discuss life and business. I had heard about this breakfast confab, but my schedule never allowed me to attend in the past. Finally, I was able to attend and was astounded by the wise counsel and ideas that were flying around the table.

Most of the gentlemen were in their 70’s and 80’s; had built successful businesses and sold them for millions of dollars! In the process, they accumulated great personal wealth.

Unfair Advantage
One of the gentlemen made such a profound statement, that I decided I needed to share it with my friends and community. He said, “One of the secrets to success I’ve found, is to discover and develop the area of your gifts and abilities that gives you an unfair advantage that works in your favor!” He went on to add, “People make money when they find, and focus on their unfair advantage!”  

As I mulled over that thought, it struck me he was absolutely right.

Wilt Chamberlain was a man who grew to be over 7 feet tall at a time when most basketball players were around 6 feet. He focused and developed his skills and went on to dominate in the field of basketball. Imagine if he had tried to be a jockey! Or imagine if he had listened to the negative people who made fun of his height and he had never picked up a basketball.    

Mariah Carey was a girl who liked to sing and discovered she had a five-octave range. She developed her skill and went on to become one of the top selling recording artists of all time.  Imagine if she has listened to negative people who told her she sounded funny or different and had not used her gift of music.

Bill Clinton had a gift of empathy and an ability to connect with hurting people in a way that made them feel like he really did “feel their pain!” That gift was evident in his speeches and in his campaigning. As a result, he was able to ride that gift to the become Governor of Arkansas; and then, the President of The United States of America!  Even if you do not agree with his politics, after hearing him speak,  you will find that he has a tremendous ability to connect with audiences. 

Exploit Your Unfair Advantage
I share these thoughts with you because I believe everyone has a gift - a talent that gives you an unfair advantage. I often say in my speeches that everyone has some genius.   It isn’t “If You Are Smart” rather it is “How Are You Smart?” 

I recommend you find your gift and develop it. Use it wisely to grow your future and your finances. Remember this quote by Michael Jordan, “Talent is God given, but ability must be developed…and that is on you!” 

My mission statement is simple: to continue to develop the gifts I have been given, and use them wisely to make a difference and make a profit! I encourage you to do the same!

Willie Jolley

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