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Change Is Good…When Your Attitude is GREAT! 

Average presentation length: 60-90 minutes

“The best way to build your future is to build yourself. And the best way to build your organization is to build your people.” -Dr. Willie Jolley

These last few years have proven that change happens, whether we like it or not. Some companies grow through change and others shrink!

Dr. Willie Jolley teaches people how to get a new attitude so they can have a “higher altitude” and productivity in the midst of change!

Program Description:

In this program, participants are sold on the positive perspective of change! Change is essential to any growth. Everybody wants progress, but nobody wants to change.

Dr. Jolley shares his patented “VDAD” (vision, decision, action, desire) formula for successfully embracing change.
You will leave this program viewing change as an ally - not an enemy. You will leave ready to implement the formula to drive change. You will leave believing that change “truly” is good when your attitude is great!


Participants will learn:

  • The attitude necessary to positively adapt and embrace the inevitability of change
  • The four-step process for “winning with change!”
  • How a change in perspective can positively change results
  • The success strategies outstanding leaders use to turn problems into possibilities, and setbacks into comebacks
  • How working as a team can successfully help navigate the winds of change
  • How to create an all-star team where everybody is an MVP!

Dr. Willie Jolley Rave Review: Aging Services of Minnesota (ASM)

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