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Achieve More with an Attitude of Excellence

Average presentation length: 60-90 minutes

Program Description:

Dr. Willie Jolley answers the age-old question: What are the secrets that sustain successful organizations through difficult times?
His answers are born out of his work helping Ford Motor Company go from the brink of bankruptcy in 2006 to being positioned to reject the government bailout in 2009—and on to billion-dollar profits every quarter since 2009. Success Magazine called him “Ford’s Secret Weapon!”
In this program, Dr. Jolley shares strategies and ideas your attendees can employ to transform their businesses—as well as the five areas of development that can be used immediately to change their thinking and their business.


Upon completing this program, participants will:

  • Pursue a workplace culture of excellence

  • Understand the tenets of high achieving organizations:

    • Leadership
    • Change management
    • Team building
    • Customer service
    • A winner’s attitude
    • Embrace change as a positive factor
    • Seek leadership development—no matter their position in the organization
    • View teams as the lifeblood of the organization
    • Serve the internal and external “customers”

Dr. Willie Jolley: Improving The Performance of Complex Organizations

Willie Jolley captured what was on our minds as far as strengths in our company. He helped us realize that there’s greatness inside of all of us.
-Cox Media Group


Your message of the importance of taking a positive approach to a less than desirable situation was refreshing and inspirational, and exactly what the employees needed to hear. The professional style in which you delivered your message gave you instant credibility and allowed the audience to value the information that you were providing. Your willingness to adjust to adverse speaking conditions at several venues was greatly appreciated, as was your flexibility exhibited in accepting last minute changes to both scheduled dates and times.
Ford Motor Company


Awesome! Simply awesome!!! One of my proudest moments at NIH! On my way back to my building, I walked and listened to the conversations of others walking within earshot. I heard so many favorable comments. One group of four younger men shared comments about your singing and what a great voice you had. A woman in another small group said she’d heard motivational speakers before, but that you were about the best she’d heard. Two women walking together remarked on how they felt motivated. As for me, I really needed to hear that.
-Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development


This conference was the highest rated conference to date and that is over 6 years. You hit the ball out of the park!
-Norton Healthcare



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